Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dreams Come True

I am a big dreamer really. I dream of becoming supermodel, a doctor, to be alice in wonderland, that someday I dream of becoming a billionaire. I dream to be with my husband in an island only the 2 of us, I dream for a grand wedding with Arnold. I also dream that someday when we are old we will love each other more. I also dream to be with my sisters and make my family whole again. Actually since I was 10 years old I never had a complete Christmas and every year from that day on I always wondered how wonderful Christmas will be if only I have a complete family. Then Arnold also left to work abroad, but that was just a dream, this is reality. That I am living one day at the time, that I have a wonderful and loving husband working overseas, that I have 2 boys that love me so much despite of, that my only angel in my life always lead me thru happy and fulfilling life. Life is full of mystery there are times that you hope to finish it all and all of a sudden you're thankful that your still living in this life full of misery. But what ever life brings me problem and misery can never stop me from dreaming until all of my dreams do come true. This blog will be the start of a new life.

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