Monday, August 24, 2009

Touching documentary film must see

"You’ve stood by me in my most trying moments and there were times I was very hard on you. But if anyone will ever understand me, it is you, and I know you will always find it in your heart to forgive — and unfair and ironic as it is — it is because of this thought and belief that I often took you for granted."...Ninoy Aquino...(Ninoy Letter to cory before the day of his assassination)

I believed that the love that I gave to my Arnold was already enough to be appreciated. I my self hunger for appreciation sometimes have been so mean and proud to my husband . But looking back on those years, and after watching "The Last Journey of Ninoy" I have come to realize that to have a wonderful relationship one must not count the things they did to each other. That in every relationship God and partnership must be the center of it all. Highly recommended for husband and wife, historians, for someone who wants a better faith in God, grab a copy "The Last Journey of Ninoy"

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