Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Woman called Mother

It was not yet Mother's day, but Facebook was already filled with greetings. Topics, blogs about mother were all discussed around the internet. I remember before when my world still revolved around my Mom. 

I love my mom so much, that marrying someone in my life was not even slip into my mind because I thought that my mom and I will be together forever until the rest of my life. Having a job right after college and mom's on my side makes my life quite stable and comfortable. Until all of a sudden my sister took my mom away from me and I felt lost, like a little puppy trying to find for her mother, a little chick trying to feel the comfort of her mother hen. But God really has a plan for each and every one of us I believed, He collaborated with my mom. 

As I am writing this, I remember one of Bo's Sanchez featured article about an eagle, how the parents eagle teach they're young  ones how to fly away from their nest for the first time. They were a force to leave the nest whether they like it or not. Sometimes when a young eaglet is fearful of taking its first flight away from the nest, a parent will withhold food to force it out of the nest. 

I think what my mom did that time was similar to the mother eagle. "The.....eaglet was now alone in the nest. Each time a parent came flying in toward the nest he called for food eagerly; but over and over again, it (the parent) came with empty feet, and the eaglet grew thinner. He pulled meat scraps from the old dried-up carcasses lying around the nest. He watched a sluggish carrion beetle, picked it up gingerly, and ate it. His first kill." This was a quote from the book "An eagle to the sky" (1970). 

Honestly, I became bitter and starting hating my mom not knowing that it was just her way to teach me how to fly on my own. Tomorrow is Mother's day and I just want to tell you a short story about a two mother. The one who brought me in this world and the one whom I met 10 years ago. A mother by heart and the other one was by deed. 

The Mom by heart introduce me in this world, took care of me, knows my cry, my craving, as I grow bit by bit she cares for me with gentle. She taught me how to make it despite how cruel this world was. While the other Mom which I called her Nanay was the one who taught me what love is all about, how to be grateful with everything that I have and not looking for the things that I do not have. 

That she gave me one of her beloved sons that I believed a living legacy of her. This Mother's day I want to give credit to this 2 wonderful person that God gave me though the latter one was already with the lord, but I know she is still guiding us from afar. I am so lucky to have them in my life. I am not sure if I can surpass all their accomplishment to their children but sure did I will apply all their teachings. Salute to all the strong Mothers in the world.

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