Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Read my Mind

For books are more than books, they are life, The very heart and core of age past. The reason why men lived worked and died. The essence and quintessence of their lives.--Amy Lowell

Way back on my younger days, I remember that reading was not part of my system. When I was in grade school and high school I was so lazy reading books, playtime and watching TV was my great companion then, to the point that I even skip doing assignments and workbooks. 

In our family, books were not introduce to us in our early years as part of learning to enjoy, and I just began seeing books as I enter school and I was already force to use it for my studies. Maybe that was the main reason why I became lazy, uninterested, and unhappy in reading because I was force then. But I've learned how to read tagalog comics because mom always bought some after she went to the market and I love reading them because of their colorful drawings and great stories of everyday lives that I can relate easily.

But as I enter college everything was change, my understanding and point of view in studying turns 90 degrees and reading became part of my everyday activity by force. Thanks to my ex dean and some of my old professor for their high standards in learning. As I finished college, maybe it was my destiny to work with so many books, even though I've tried so many times to change path on my career but my predetermined course still pull me inside the library and to be a librarian.

I began to appreciate books. In my most quiet moment books became my companion, from mending a broken heart to finding the right person, books became my reference (thank God I found one), to how to bring a great family, to solving problems, to financial aspect and so on and so forth. 

So now that I am venturing another chapter in my life reading books was not as possible as it may seems because of my busy schedule on rearing 3 wonderful kids. But I've realize that I should not stop learning and finding ways and with technology now a days learning was not impossible. So I just want to share with you some website (Learn Out Loud) and (ThoughtAudio.com) they are audio books free to download recommended for mothers and for someone who has no time for reading.

Here are some of the books I am currently listening that you might find them interesting:

Click here for link ---> From the Art of War

Click here for link---> Quotations of

And if you are looking for more, specially fiction and old classic book you can find most of them here (LibriVox). Now I can read/listen at the comfort of my mind. While washing dishes,doing laundry, while brooming, while preparing for food, and while cooking at my convenience hehe. ENJOY!

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