Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning by Falling

Success never comes after the first attempt. Whatever your goal is there will be obstacles on your way to success. They are part of life. Expect them. Learn from them and adapt.

I know most of us have heard this many times that failure is a relative of success. That we should and must encounter failure before we can enjoy success. There's a lot of stories about successful people and we cannot imagine how they achieve such enormous success without having multiple failure in life. 

Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he got financing for his dream of creating the “Happiest Place on Earth”. 

Colonel Sanders spent two years driving across the United States looking for restaurants to buy his chicken recipe. He was turned down 1,009 times! How successful is Kentucky Fried Chicken today? 

“Chicken Soup For The Soul" was rejected by publishers 170 times - now it's sold 70 million copies! 

Steve Jobs lost his position as CEO in apple (the company he started it all) at the age of 30 just to find out later that God has something store for him, until he created PIXAR or else we don't even know Woody, Andy and Buzz lightyear and the first computer animated film might not be created and maybe we never have the chance to enjoy it and other box office animated film after Toy Story.

It says that success lies in a person's willingness to make relentless, step-by-step efforts. That without failing there is no learning of improvement. Failing should not be seen as a bad thing but rather a stepping stone.

I myself experience it and I am proud of it. I know I did some crazy things and stuff before, that destroy my credibility as a person but it doesn't matter. What matter most was I've learned, I mature, and deep in my heart I never regret anything. So when someone condemn you and look down at you because of the past mistakes happened in your life. Just laugh at them and go on with your life. Besides we are all human beings and we are meant to make mistakes, and learned from it, stumble, stand and move on.

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