Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quote # 7

‎"What you do not know can't harm you. This is a false statement for what you do not know can actually kill you".

I actually stop for a while and had thought about this, then suddenly something came into my mind to believe in this statement. Then I realized that the reason why war was around the globe was because of some inexperienced and immature  people, just like the one I know (*Arinolang makisoso king pisasabyan hahaha) that instead of making peace they are actually messing up to make matters worst and we don't have to be professional just to learned our lesson well.  I know a lot of highly educated people in government and universities because they are craving for power and attention they forgot what is right and what is wrong to the point that they are already hurting someone's feeling without even knowing it. Been there, done that and I regret all of it because I work in an environment where most of the people are intelligence in their own rights and I am one of them until I have to realize that life was here to enjoy. 

There was news about Osama Bin Laden comrades that they are planning to call for additional revolutions in Yemen and Saudi Arabia what for? they are just making matters worst. I kept asking myself why, why they are trying to mess up by adding fire to the situation are they aware of what kind of principles they are fighting for, how many civilian they are hurting, families they are destroying did they know all of these. Yes, we have different belief and principle but are they reasonable? Aren't they want to have the world that full of peace and happiness, no war, nor hurt, no loneliness?  War means tears to thousands of mothers eyes when their sons go to fight and lose their lives. I am not trying to have malicious intention over this, I am just trying to give my opinion over the matter and hoping that every war in every corner in the world will stop in full period for the sake of our future generation, for the sake of the world we live in. It's just a hope and nothing to lose.

*Arinola = Filipino word for potty use in urinating.

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