Friday, June 8, 2012


I want to have a Rich mindset after all of what happened to us. Hope you too. For a better world to live in.

The first step to change is Awareness.

The second step to change is Understanding.

Find out what current mindset do you have just listened to this audio for additional awareness and for better understanding


Who: Employees, Laborers, Wage Earners
Education: High School or College Graduate
Most Valuable Resources: Paycheck salary
Resource Focus: Salary or Hourly wage
Time Setting: Next Payday
Major Financial Goal: To Survive until next payday
Cash Flow Management: "How much do I have in my wallet?"
Investment Sources: The government
Expected Rate of Return: Get Rich Quick
Advisor: Broke Friends and Family


Who: Employees and Self-Employed
Education: Values a College Education
Most Valuable Resources: Short Term Investments
Resource Focus: Networth (home & personal effects)
Time Setting: Long-Term
Major Financial Goal: To built up a vast net worth by age of 40 to 65 years old.
Cash Flow Management: Understands the value of CFM
Investment Sources: Invest in products or services created by others
Expected Rate of Return:
 10% to 30%

Advisors: Financial Planner, accountants


Who: Entrepreneurs & Investors
Education: Values only "street smart" education from peers / self-learning / what works
Most Valuable Resources: Time and Long-Term Investments
Resource Focus: Cashflow, Net worth (real assets) and Network
Time Setting: Adapt to each financial goal or investments Financial and Time Freedom
Cash Flow Management: Understands that Cashflow Management is the key to all wealth foundation.
Investment Sources: Create products and services to sell to the middle class and masses.
Expected Rate of Return: 50% to 300%++
Advisors: Themselves, each others, selected professionals and mentors.

Have happy savings and fruitful life.

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