Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Now or Never

When my husband and I got into a big financial crisis, those few who are close to us and  those who devoted their time and money in our first ever business venture can testify what we've been through and it was a total failure, it seems like yesterday. When we fail I began  asking myself how to be a millionaire? Is there a way? Not because of any other reasons I just wanted to pay all of our debt. There were so many "what if" in my mind at that time. Because we really need to pay our debt but I don't know how. What if I have millions right away I can pay my lenders easily. What if my lenders will file legal actions I might end up in jail, what will happen to my children if I go to jail. What if I will just disappear and never show up again what will happen with my work, with my family, my friends (though few remain loyal). Those were all the what ifs that running through my mind several years ago. Yes' that was years ago and at that time I thought everything is impossible, thinking that situation will stay until forever until the rest of my life. But I was wrong, it is true that nothing is permanent in this world. Everything has an end, just like rain the sunshine will appear after the storm, the leaves will fall after the summer and spring will follow thru. Our life is like a cycle full of ups and down, I think God let us experience all the down fall in our life so that we may learn how to do better in life. How to appreciate all the things that we had and we will have. And for us (my husband and I) we learned how to seek financial freedom, we became hungry in terms of financial aspect in our lives seeking how to be free from our debt and how to have a peaceful mind and wanting not to think of  how to have money to pay for our everyday financial obligations, and making sure, that part of our life (nightmare I may say) will never happen again. That the million in my what ifs years ago can make it possible. That I can be a Millionaire because it is by choice. We all have a choice I believed and  according to one of Bo Sanchez article which I find it so appealing. Starting today, I will post articles base on my experience about financial literacy and how I apply it on my personal life. It is my way of telling each and everyone that nothing is impossible just have faith and dream high.

Drink Now or Drink Forever
Some few words are excerpt from Bo Sanchez article

This is a great picture of why people are poor. 

The money that you hold now, no matter how small, is like that jug of water. And you always have a choice. You can drink now or you can drink forever. You can have money now or you can have money forever.---Bo Sanchez. When I've read this article I thought of why not follow Bo Sanchez advise, nothing to loose because I don't have money at all, after all we were buried with debt at that time. But the question is How? 

A lot of people do not know how and where to start. I, myself been through that process but by the determination that I really wanted to get out of the situation that's why I tried my best. Later on or maybe on my next post I will  tell you how I started it all. But first let me tell you what is the real problem why people are struggling to get out of their debt but they cannot and this is proven because I was like this before until I've started the curiosity of reading books, articles, attending some seminars because I am trying to look for an answer and I was already fed up with our financial situation.

A lot of people according to Bo they don't know how to handle their money. They spend whatever they have, and it's true, been there, done that.  I've been with several people who earn as much as fifty thousand or more a month and they spend everything. Some few really doesn't have that much of money but still they spend everything they have and much worst they keep on borrowing to a loan shark so to speak just to feed their hunger for material things. That's why their money pump remains dry. And they'll remain poor forever. Once I've read this quote and on the day that I decided to change my life I've posted it on my table inside my office. It says, "It's not about how much you earn, It's how much you save that matters. Don't wait until the situation becomes perfect because trust me it won't. You have money now. It may be small, but you have it. Act now, think on how to take care of your money, decide, after all it is our choice, our life. At the end of the day,  it's between you and God and nothing else.  Happy Saving and have a fruitful life.

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