Monday, October 20, 2008

My Picasa Project

I am so inspired look what i've done for my PICASA workshop...Simple but for me it's a work of art hehehe
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Life's Wonder

After 7 years of high and low, Arnold and I felt like newlywed when I first visited him in Malaysia last Christmas. We're like a new couple who madly in love to each other. Arnold came into my life for accidental reason or maybe he is really part of God's plan for me. I never ask for a perfect guy because I don't believe there's any. All I ask for is someone to love and to be loved. My last relationship before Arnold was devastating (wrong choice of guy I think) I got tired and don't want to get involve with anyone again at that time. But then Arnold came and his determination and commitment was something I cannot resist. He knows how to handle situation and he knows what he wants in life. For 7 years with him I never felt any single boredom, insecurities and loneliness in our relationship. We had so many ups and downs. Children came one by one, we venture into business and we failed but that makes us more stronger, we experienced health problem but it only proved how much he cared for me, and his love for me became much more deeper. Sometimes when I look at the skies and no one to talk to, since Arnold went overseas to work for some financial reason I ask God if fairy tales do come true. And if my life will come to an end I want it to be with Arnold's arms. And if I just can write my love story I wanted it to be like Kate Winslet of TITANIC and Allie Hamilton of THE NOTEBOOK. hehehe corny but lovable. look for the site. But for now I must be contented loving Arnold from a far. LOVE YOU dear and will always be.

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