Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Motherhood

I am a jerk, selfish, mother of three. Whom cannot accept the essence of motherhood. Just until now upon reading this book how to create a brighter child I've realize that Motherhood is better than any profession and began liking it. According to Maria Montessori, based on her scientific observations, children developed Four Planes of developmental growth.  She concluded that a child's growth is more like that of a butterfly, with a number of critical transformations in the first six years, followed by a period of uniform growth while the mind is "being organized" in the intermediate stage of childhood, ages 6-12, and followed by another period of transformation during the ages of 12-18. Each formative Plane lays the foundation for the next successive Plane. Proper rearing, love, discipline and teaching of a child can bring this world a better place, that the future of a nation lies in every child's hand which I believe it has something to do with their mother, and now I am proud to accept it, no other valuables can replace the love and care of a mother.

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