Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a real e-book world.

It's already out of tune now a days when children read books by their teacher, mentor and parents. Upon looking for some materials online that I thought can help support my homemade curriculum for my children, since we've decided to home school them for a while because of unavoidable circumstances. I accidentally pass by on this website and it  facinated me...Ya..ya... I know I am quiet late to be amaze what the internet can do in our society. But come on I am not the last one to be on this situation and  you can't blame me. I am part of the so called old fashioned society of  reader and learner and only now, thanks to my techy wonderful husband for introducing the internet world to me. Try to check this website ( intended mostly for mothers who wants their children  learn how to read, but no time to read for them. And to all the others who doesn't experience this kind of reading and wants to read but lazy to read by themselves...enjoy reading.

The following are some of my Favorites

1. Ace Lacewing: bug detective
2. Bad for them Good for me
3. The boy in the drawer

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home Schooler

I began homeschooling my children last June of 2009. I've realized the benefits and found so many positive things out of it. It's priceless, I know my children needs me more than any nanny in the world. I began appreciating all the things I had in life. I've learned that sometimes we have to sacrifice things we thought important in our lives but eventually we've realized that it was a mere deception of selfishness and self pride. Now I can shout to the whole wide web hehehe. That I  did the best part in my life and in my entire being.

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