Monday, August 24, 2009

Touching documentary film must see

"You’ve stood by me in my most trying moments and there were times I was very hard on you. But if anyone will ever understand me, it is you, and I know you will always find it in your heart to forgive — and unfair and ironic as it is — it is because of this thought and belief that I often took you for granted."...Ninoy Aquino...(Ninoy Letter to cory before the day of his assassination)

I believed that the love that I gave to my Arnold was already enough to be appreciated. I my self hunger for appreciation sometimes have been so mean and proud to my husband . But looking back on those years, and after watching "The Last Journey of Ninoy" I have come to realize that to have a wonderful relationship one must not count the things they did to each other. That in every relationship God and partnership must be the center of it all. Highly recommended for husband and wife, historians, for someone who wants a better faith in God, grab a copy "The Last Journey of Ninoy"

Friday, August 21, 2009


It's been quite a while since I never updated all my blogs. Maybe because I am too preoccupied with lots of activities. Or maybe, maybe I am not in the mood of sharing my thoughts and emotions. Lately I am in the process of evaluating little changes in my life. Like leaving my professional life and tried to be a mother of 3 for the first time in my 10 years of married life. And lately I am really too busy disposing our things because sooner or later we will be moving out, AGAIN!!!. My husband and I are not so lucky to have an ancestors with silver spoon to say so. But we're grateful that we really start from nothing, and little did they say we will be heading to the fulfilment of our dreams with our children as the main reason, though there's still a lot of hard work to do. While choosing what to dispose and what to keep on our things. I came across with some memorabilia that I kept years ago that I can say it was hard for me to let go of them because of different reason. Some of them made me believed that there is really a love story that live happily ever after, some made me hang on, to my dreams despite of all the trials and sufferings, and some they just made my day happy just looking at them and thinking of the story why they became mine.

The very first Card Arnold gave me that made me fall with him.

It's my collection of Stamp from all of my sister's letter, giving me hope that my dreams might come to reality. They are more than 20 years old now.

And the original CD of Himig Handog, collection of songs. Arnold got pity with me even though he laughs at  me because I bought the pirated one and the song that I am dying for was not there (HANGGANG by Wency Cornejo).  He bought me the original one with his last money in his pocket just to spoil me.

Sabi nga ni ninoy dun sa interview sa kanya ni Pat Robertson "When you sit down with a yellow paper and write down your blessings as against your heartaches and frustration you will always know that you're always ahead" and it's true.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a real e-book world.

It's already out of tune now a days when children read books by their teacher, mentor and parents. Upon looking for some materials online that I thought can help support my homemade curriculum for my children, since we've decided to home school them for a while because of unavoidable circumstances. I accidentally pass by on this website and it  facinated me...Ya..ya... I know I am quiet late to be amaze what the internet can do in our society. But come on I am not the last one to be on this situation and  you can't blame me. I am part of the so called old fashioned society of  reader and learner and only now, thanks to my techy wonderful husband for introducing the internet world to me. Try to check this website ( intended mostly for mothers who wants their children  learn how to read, but no time to read for them. And to all the others who doesn't experience this kind of reading and wants to read but lazy to read by themselves...enjoy reading.

The following are some of my Favorites

1. Ace Lacewing: bug detective
2. Bad for them Good for me
3. The boy in the drawer

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home Schooler

I began homeschooling my children last June of 2009. I've realized the benefits and found so many positive things out of it. It's priceless, I know my children needs me more than any nanny in the world. I began appreciating all the things I had in life. I've learned that sometimes we have to sacrifice things we thought important in our lives but eventually we've realized that it was a mere deception of selfishness and self pride. Now I can shout to the whole wide web hehehe. That I  did the best part in my life and in my entire being.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Motherhood

I am a jerk, selfish, mother of three. Whom cannot accept the essence of motherhood. Just until now upon reading this book how to create a brighter child I've realize that Motherhood is better than any profession and began liking it. According to Maria Montessori, based on her scientific observations, children developed Four Planes of developmental growth.  She concluded that a child's growth is more like that of a butterfly, with a number of critical transformations in the first six years, followed by a period of uniform growth while the mind is "being organized" in the intermediate stage of childhood, ages 6-12, and followed by another period of transformation during the ages of 12-18. Each formative Plane lays the foundation for the next successive Plane. Proper rearing, love, discipline and teaching of a child can bring this world a better place, that the future of a nation lies in every child's hand which I believe it has something to do with their mother, and now I am proud to accept it, no other valuables can replace the love and care of a mother.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Life in the Information Age

One of my greatest frustration in our country was the political environment we have. Politics keep on corrupting our resources that means everything would follow. I don't want to comment about the present situations but what can I do, I cannot help it. Tell me to stop commenting on this non sense sex scandal issue being sensationalized by the media people and other sun of b*^%th politicians and I will not listen hehehe as long as there are senators just like them in the senate. There are lots of important issues they have to face (chacha after all of this circus around one day they walk up presidente pa rin si Gloria mga bu&* S*#t kase , another one is the Bobby Gazer double murder case, are these people who done this deserve peaceful environment compare to hayden, I don't think so) some of the long list , lots of problem they must solve (those pedophile hanging around, much worst than hayden, drug lords that makes our youth part of this sense less society, naninira ng buhay ng may buhay). Know what, I got pity with hayden, of course I don't agree with what he has done and he needs to pay the price and I am not against Katrina. It's jsut that this fu*k%ng Bull S*&t politicians should and must not use the person out of their own benefits. Are they aware that lots of their country men wants to leave this place because of them. Hope instead of papogi points teach us some formula that help us become equipt in this life so called information age.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Sapol sa Utak

These three little guy are my reason why I believe God wants me to do what he wants me to do. Actually ayoko ng gamitin ang puso ko utak naman ngayon...sana?....kase pag puso ang ginagamit lagi akong sablay. Sabi nga kung may hari ng sablay...ako ang reyna ng sampayan hehehe...what ever yaya...Basta upon reading this book authored by Bo Sanchez--my gosh Bo Sanchez ba naman. The book entitled 40 Stories of Passion and nasa day 16 na ako (kina career ko na ang pagbabasa ng mga inspirational books dahil malapit ko na silang lisanin...paalam sa inyong lahat kay John Maxwell, Mitch Bloom, Dorothy at lalong lalo na sa yo Bo..mami miss ko kayo for sure hehe. Salamat sa 10 taon pagbibigay nyo sa akin ng sapat na kaalaman na magiging sandata ko hanggang sa huling hibla ng aking buhay...drama na naman to hehe). It tells here DO WHAT GOD TELLS YOU TO DO. Lately kase I' ve been thinking if I am doing the right thing. Alam nyo bang one week na akong insomiac. All my life I've been working for myself. Having my own money, living the life I wanted just for myself. Not until Arnold came (ewan ko ba di ko maiwasan charm mo dear adik sa yo). He proves that he is worth for all my sacrifices. Do what God tells you to do...tells me that this is what God wanted me to do no ifs and buts, just follow the sun ika nga. And hopefully the sun will shine bright on me. How about you, yes you.. do you do what God wants you to do? Think my friend maybe God has a better plan for you.

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