Monday, December 19, 2011


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Daddy, Dad, Daddy Yo, Pop, Papa, Ama, Abba, Erpats, those were some of the lists a father often called. Me, I simply call him TATAY, He was not the sweetest father of all time or I may say he is not sweet at all. Actually I cannot even remember he hug me all my life or kiss me on my birthday or special occasions. He spanks me when I did something wrong. He never tells stories about fairy tales and the knights with shining armor. Sometimes when life was tough then, I remember I even feel how distant he was to us his children. 

Growing up I feel the pain that he planted in my heart. I hated all the things about him that I've wanted, but he never had and never did. I created my small world feeling sorry for myself and thinking that I deserve a better father than him. College came and the relationships between us never change, but I think I mature a little bit because of failed relationship and heartbroken I’m beginning to understand the difference between opposite human being, I’m beginning to learn that you cannot ask other people to love you the way you wanted to be loved. Right after college, He and Mom decided to go overseas with my siblings maybe he wanted to fulfill some of his dreams and aspirations to his family and  I was left out all alone. I hated him a lot more because I blame him for not teaching me how to live on my own, why he didn’t tell me that time comes and I needed to learn the hard way.  

I live on my own because I did not have a choice. Trials after trials came, some people took advantage of me, but I have learned. Other’s judge me not even knowing the real me. But it’s true that when life knocks you down never forget to look up.  Because just like him, my father in heaven never forgets his promises and his love was unconditional. God send so many angels as many as he can along the way, he makes my life in proper direction little by little until one day as I wake up my life was already in proper order because of these angels that he sent. 

Yes my TATAY was not perfect he spank me when I did something wrong because he just wanted me to learn from my mistakes, he never hug me so often but he never fails to put blanket while I am  a-sleep because the wind was so cold, yes he never tells stories about fairy tales and knight in shining armor because he never wanted me to believe in false hope and false romantic relationships. That life is not all a bed of roses. That life isn’t easy, but it’s all up to you how to make it worthwhile and happy. He never tells us that he loves us but those simple act of kindness like he never leave us when life was tough and not perfect between him and mom, yes he was distant because he was just trying to hide his emotions because he doesn't want us to feel the burden that life brings. 

Now that I have a family and children on my own I am beginning to appreciate him and misses all the things he did in action, for now I know that action is better than words because he never fails to show that he loves us not in words but in action because he's a true blooded male species, Man of few words. I love you Tay, Pagaling ka, I miss you and Hope to see you soon. Magkukwentuhan pa tayo at maririnig kopa ang wala kamatayan mong sagot na sa tuwing tatanungin kita via phone kung kumusta kana simpling sagot pero makabuluhan “heto buhay pa” na ibig sabihin salamat sa bawat araw na nagdaraan at darating dahil may pagkakataon pa tayong ayusin anumang kamalian at gusot mayroon ang buhay natin. Tatawa ka pa sa mga jokes ng mga apo mo. Pipintasan mo pa si nanay sa mga walang katapusang drama nya sa buhay hehehe. Ingat ka at maaring di ko madalas sabihin ito sa’yo pero SALAMAT sa lahat at huwag kang mag alala dahil nagiisa ka lang sa buhay ko.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time Each Day

"A human body can bear only 45 del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del(unit) of pain.This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured, all at the same time! This is just to tell you the extent to which a mother loves her child! 'Love your Mom till the end of your life. The lady with whom you fight almost every day suffered so much pain just to give you a beautiful life!"

       The above  statement was circulated on Facebook nowadays. Tears began to fall and I remember how my mother raised us all with her hardship and sacrifices. I know I am not a perfect child while growing up because I also have my own share of tantrums which  I guess just  normal for every child, but neither did I gave my Mother a bunch full of heartache to endure. But whether I was a good daughter or not,  now that I am a mother in my own rights,  now I know that  being a mother was the hardest profession a woman can ever have. I am not sour grapes or acting as if I have a scornful of denial because I am an unemployed stay-at-home mother as of this time. 

     It's been two years now since I've decided to give up my everyday working routine, career for others, jobs for all and bread and butter for those who wants to make an end meets end. Well actually in my last employment I can say that even though I work hard and stayed in the organization for more than ten years and tried to finish my Masters Degree it seems that it was not enough. I never felt any fulfilment that I am looking for in my life while I was there (well part of  human nature no satisfaction at all). It's not that there's something wrong with the organization that I am associated with but sometimes we as human as we grow old it is true that the more we know the more that we become  hungry for knowledge,  the more that we become eager to explore. 

      So when I've decided to leave everything behind and go beyond my comfort zone, (I was more of an adventurous type  I guess). I've just  wanted to know more, to explore more together with my children I want to give them a better environment, better chance to examine every possibility the world can offer because I never had that in my childhood. But God has his own time even though the time is right  or not I believed that everything will be given in his time, not mine, same as those disappointments turn out to be a blessing afterwards. I know because I experience them first hand all the wrong choices that brings me to the right place and person. And even those people who don't like me and disagree with me can testify how my life twist and turn and came out to be a better one. 

       How many times did I cry even all my fingers on both hand and feet were not enough to count it all  but at the end of the day smiles always came out in my face because something good had happened.  I am writing this because in my past years of not working I am a bit disappointed with the outcome of my decision. It's not that I regret everything. I am very much thankful because I have a very supportive husband who would do everything for the sake of his family. Disappointed in a way that how things went by with my children and how people sees a mother who stayed at home. It seems that they  look down on our capabilities. Before I decided to quit working, my main reason was to home school them, to give them all the knowledge, good values and proper upbringing. Though my expectation at that time was quite high because I never experience home school all my life and I never knew what homeschool is all about. Just recently that I imagine after two years of being with them I am not the one who teach them a lesson, they are the one who teach me a lesson.

       If I just could tell all the working mothers to stay with their children while their young, well though its a case to case basis but if given a chance just like me don't think twice because me though disappointed but  I never regret every single minute I am with them and if I work in the future I am proud to say that once in my life I felt the fulfillment  I never had in my life, that part of my existence God gave me the responsibility because he believes in my capability to be a good mother and it's a compliment on my part. So if you are a mother and you were given a chance to stay with your kids even for a short while don't think twice leave all those paper works behind and enjoy every moment of being with them, for allow me to quote this 

"The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day." ---O.A.Battista.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Blissful day for me

What was supposed to be  boring and unexciting day for me became so blissful and meaningful. Life sometimes sucks but it's true that Life is how we know it and how we are going to perceived it. Today was just another ordinary day for a mother like me but it became meaningful when I received  this item >>>>>

Thanks to 

Irenelim Fashion

For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cool Free Dress @Irenelim Fashion

I was new to online shopping. Actually I've just got interested because one of my friend told me the perks and advantage of online shopping. And upon analyzing I have to accept that this is the trend now a days and I have to make use to it. So to start with I begun surfing the net and Google. So the first thing I search was of course the most basic for women, dresses, fashion and trend, until I came across with this website >>>>>>>
Irenelim Fashion  

I had a little smile in my face saying that, I think this is what my friend was saying hehehe. IRENELIM was so far for me one of the best Malaysia online fashion and online boutique that I ever encountered. Though I received e-mail saying that this promo did end already but they are willing to give me free shirt promotion specially for me. Just for me to test their product isn't it awesome.


Sounds so exciting and I can't wait to received the free shirt if it is good to be true and definitely I will blog it again if I receive the free shirt already hehehehe...Well just to give you a glimpse of what IRENELIM was offering that might give you some interest to visit the site and purchase as well (well it's highly recommended to all my friends hehehe). I simply admired some of their collection  they are dresses form various occasion. There is for casual, different blouse in different occasions, pants, skirts, T-shirt and they came from different suppliers all over asia. And the price is absolutely low and affordable. So here are some of their collection that I am planning to purchase if budgets permit hehehe...calling the attention of my better half hehehe...

Simple and Nice Cotton Long Dress
Price: RM38 (see the price it's totally cheap)
Color: Green, black, grey
- Soft cotton material
- Young and energetic
- Long dress
- You can match with inner or even mini jacket
- Suitable for casual wear

Shimmering Beads Flowers Round Neckline Dress with Belt
Price: RM68 (I definitely like the design)
Color: Cream (S,M,L,XL) Purple (S,M.L,XXL)
- Silky smooth and comfortable materials
- The few big flowers made by shimmering beads
- Simple round neck yet elegant feeling
-  2 belt loops at waist part
 Cotton Spaghetti Dress with Flowers Bottom
Price : RM52
Color Black , Pink
Greet the sun in this charming dress
Cotton-features flowers with small pearls sewed at the bottom
Belt loop at both sides of the waist part
Non adjustable but stretchable spaghetti straps
Light in weight

Spaghetti Straps Tiered Skirt Dress
Price: RM38
Color: Khaki, Orangy Red, Black 

All of the above item can be found on their old website and the below item are all located in their new website, to check details click here >>> MALAYSIA ONLINE BOUTIQUE IRENELIM FASHION, there is also kind of reward to their costumers. Every purchase would be given certain points, which when accumulated it can be use to redeem the items in their site amazing isn't. I think that is what my friend is saying when she told me that she already enjoy online shopping and I am enjoying it too now hehehe.

Smart Sleeveless Buttons Up Jumpsuits
CODE: ndg1687
Small, Medium, Large / O2
Price: RM62.00
Yes, available
4960 points
31 points

The Satin Round Collar Dress with Ribbon is essential for the party goer! From the slightly round neckline, a shirred waist wraps around and slims the mid-section and continues to an A line cut on the lower banded skirt. This cut creates a slight bubble appearance and a perfect silhouette. The slightly round front neckline and V-back of this dress can be accented with a variety of glamorous accessories! The included waist sash can be tied into a tasty ribbon. This one is nice.  Click HERE for more details of this product.


So there you go I really enjoyed exploring the site and hopefully you too as well. Lets wait and see the coming of my future free product :) with free delivery then I will tell you soon again how is it, but I believe I will definitely like the product for sure :) So IRENELIM of Malaysia kudos to your Online Boutique.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Trip to Melacca

The most treasured moment I had been was our Family Bonding. Not the material things. As we attended the mass yesterday about Forgiveness, the 70 times 7 times. Ya, Ya I know they didn't accept me as their friends (They still have grudges after so many years tsk!tsk!Wait what have I done!? I don't remember any, are they guilty or envious maybe, because they never thought, they never thought what he becomes) or maybe they just want to be friends only with big time people. But God knows even though I didn't yet forget their bitches name hahaha. I already forgave them. I don't have rights not to forgive them with so many blessings that keep on coming. And this trip was one of the so many blessings I received. I enjoy only by watching and I will remember this as long as I live. Thank you for my better half.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Car

We just had our first car, I am a bit hesitant because I am still considering a lot of things, but I know after how many years of being married and all the  hassle and inconvenience in life I know and I believe that we both deserve what we have now. I consider having a car to drive, was like a marriage need to be nurtured all the time. There will be a wrong turn, bumps, scratches but despite all of those it doesn't mean that we will stop driving. Our car still needs and  deserve to be clean and to be taken care in spite of those injuries because it gives us so many advantages in life, it was part of our necessities. 

"Many treat marriage like a teen shopping for a car. Emphasis on flash and looks, but no concern for long-term maintenance". (Jimmy Evans)

Shortly after we are done with our huge and unimaginable amount of debt, my husband began looking for a car because he believes that it was already the right time since our children are already growing. It's been 9 years since he had his first driving lesson but having a car was not came to reality then because trials after trials never stop. From then on since we cannot yet afford to have a car, he tried everything to ignore the fact that he's dreaming of having a car of his own.

Well we all does, no one doesn't dream of driving their first car ever, even the richest person on earth. Me too I cannot deny that I am mesmerizing every time I saw a lady driving her own car, but because of so many I call it humps in our togetherness having a car became the least maybe not last in our priorities. 

Until one day, it just happened that we are already talking of getting a car and the internet was always there  to look for, to view of what kind of car, what brand and what color. We are so happy just by talking and deciding what color to choose together with our children. 

My husband was very meticulous in everything, well that is one of the best qualities I liked about him he knows what he wants and he will not take rest until he gets what he wants. Me I am just the usual "whatever"  as long as I have something to use, but not him. Now I can relate that to our marriage and I consider myself lucky, it was like choosing what car to buy when he choose me and how he will going to take care of it. 

Most of us prepare for marriage like a teenager shopping for a car. We get sidetracked by      how it looks, we want speed, accessories, we focus on what we'll get out of it now but       forget to consider the future. We pay no mind to long-term maintenance and immediate    gratification. This results in plenty of people getting married without having prepared  themselves for the expense and maintenance aspects of the relationship. (That is why I am thankful for having a meticulous husband sabi na pin tsu king kaselan ku so I let him decide on his own).

So now that he already owned a car it was time to take responsibility for keeping it operable and in good shape. And I know he is mature enough because I already prove it in our relationship. He did not reject me when he found out that I need maintenance, he love me, he cared for me, he showered me love and appreciation, he sheltered me. 

But how many people are ready to reject a spouse and find a new one as soon as problems arise? Marriage is not a trade-in business like a car. If you want a marriage without maintenance or fun without faithful devotion, then your attitude is immature and unrealistic. In marriage, a husband and wife each acquires a precious gift from God. Each is given a lifelong friend, lover, and helpmate and I just did all I have to do now was to enjoy him, love him and make the best out of him.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quote # 7

‎"What you do not know can't harm you. This is a false statement for what you do not know can actually kill you".

I actually stop for a while and had thought about this, then suddenly something came into my mind to believe in this statement. Then I realized that the reason why war was around the globe was because of some inexperienced and immature  people, just like the one I know (*Arinolang makisoso king pisasabyan hahaha) that instead of making peace they are actually messing up to make matters worst and we don't have to be professional just to learned our lesson well.  I know a lot of highly educated people in government and universities because they are craving for power and attention they forgot what is right and what is wrong to the point that they are already hurting someone's feeling without even knowing it. Been there, done that and I regret all of it because I work in an environment where most of the people are intelligence in their own rights and I am one of them until I have to realize that life was here to enjoy. 

There was news about Osama Bin Laden comrades that they are planning to call for additional revolutions in Yemen and Saudi Arabia what for? they are just making matters worst. I kept asking myself why, why they are trying to mess up by adding fire to the situation are they aware of what kind of principles they are fighting for, how many civilian they are hurting, families they are destroying did they know all of these. Yes, we have different belief and principle but are they reasonable? Aren't they want to have the world that full of peace and happiness, no war, nor hurt, no loneliness?  War means tears to thousands of mothers eyes when their sons go to fight and lose their lives. I am not trying to have malicious intention over this, I am just trying to give my opinion over the matter and hoping that every war in every corner in the world will stop in full period for the sake of our future generation, for the sake of the world we live in. It's just a hope and nothing to lose.

*Arinola = Filipino word for potty use in urinating.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Blessings

Bad news from the television, the internet, and radio sometimes makes me feel sad and afraid on what kind of world is this that we live in, not to mention personal experiences and encounter with mean and narrow-minded people that what they know was just to judge other's people lives. What kind of life my children will be when I am gone. But this mother's day allow me to share you this experience I had with a taxi driver. Maybe out of happiness that he saw little children again with a smile in their face, he freely shares his stories to us. As we travel from our destination every word that came into his mount was a big learning experience from me and my husband and I consider it a mother's day blessing that I even felt some tears in my eyes.

He told us that he has 4 children all grown up two boys and two girls. His eldest was 30 and his youngest was 23. All working and trying to make a mark in the society, according to the proud father he told his children to do the right thing, work hard, buy a home a good one, create a family, and then try to have a car if possible, but don't depend on him now that they are all grown up for he said that he already gave them the best a father can give. Good education and a great family only those two things and he said the rest is all up to God. He said that whoever want to own the ancestral home he/she should be the one who will take care of the mother.

I cried secretly on this part because it reminds me of this quote that I know I'm one of the luckiest. (“The greatest gift a father can give to his children is to love and respect their mother” ). Then suddenly he pulls something from somewhere, an old whistle that he was very proud of.  He told us that the whistle was 30-year-old same age of his eldest son, he use that whistle way back, every time he goes back from the office, yes he was an executive way back and now that he was retired he own the taxi that he's driving because he doesn't want to depend on his children. That way back he never did some honky funky that might ruin his reputation and his name because he believes it is the only gift he can give to his children, not the material things. And about the whistle he told us that it's his way of calling all of his children after a long day of working.

Some neighbors condemn him for using such a thing, his neighbors laugh at him and ask him why he is using a whistle, that whistle can use only for dogs or some kind of animal. In the beginning, I start to think he was a cruel father, someone whose tough, mean and bad father. But along the way everything he said was all worthy. His point was these, he doesn't want to shout at his children because according to him their names was precious to his ear, that he love them so dearly, that at the end of day during sunset he wants all of his children to be in his side so he can share all of his stories he had all day long and that is his way of conditioning them just like in school, the morning bell when it rings it means the lessons starts. And then my husband ask him what if on the first whistle they didn't follow.

He told us that there are certain punishment along the way if they were not able to explain themselves or if the reason of not coming was unjustifiable (freedom of expression). He told us that children should know the rules, and as they grow old they will learn to discipline themselves so that when it's time to go to college life they are already adjusted to follow rules and know their limitations. He said that college life has a lot of temptation and if a child has a weak principle everything that a parents hope for will be gone like the wind. He still wants to share a lot and we still want to listen more, but maybe everything in life has a limit, maybe its already times up like a teacher in every subject he was only limited to one topic per session but believed me that one topic was more than half of my life's learning.

That in my whole life I will never forget that one day God send us an angel in disguise for me to understand that my children are not permanently my property, that one day they will leave me and make their own life to live, that what is important is just to love them and show that you care, the rest is all up to "HIM". As we leave his taxi he told my children to love their parents and just believe in God simple message but with heavy meaning, unforgettable. I believe that my husband and I learned so much from him. That on this day I consider it's the best mother's day ever (thank you hubby). And my blessing doesn't end there because our new neighbors unexpectedly gave us something, thanks also to them for now I truly believed that this world was still a better place to live in. And as I close my eyes and talk to him sure did that I will sleep with a grateful heart and silent mind. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EVERYONE.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Painful Lesson

Every morning as I wake up, I always ask myself did I make something good for my children, a mark so they can remember me when I am gone and out of this world. From the time that I gave up my career (meron ba hehehe) every day I became more afraid on how to treat my children properly without hurting their feelings, without hitting their self-esteem (I am not used to it, but I'm trying). How to make them more responsible, loving and mature individual, now that I am with them twenty-four by seven it is more stressful than ever before.

How to teach them not to be too selfish and self-centered and just think nothing  but only of themselves.  Someone who will not see the imperfection of another person and blame others for the mistakes they've done and planning to do in the future.  I want them to be someone who must know how to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of others (Painful Lesson indeed). They say that life is a boomerang, what comes around goes around and you will be treated the way you treated others and I believed the same with our children. But sometimes I kept asking myself how come mom and dad treat me very well but here I am, I cannot even hug them to show how much I miss and love them because I am too far from them. I cannot do anything about it, but I know mom understands me because she was once a mother just like me. Willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her children.

I know I didn't have the best parents in the world but I believed there is one thing that I cannot deny that I am indebted to them, life itself  for without them I would not have existed and I know the feeling of giving up your life for the sake of your children now that I am a mother in my own rights.  Soon my children will  realize that  I am not  a perfect mother to them especially when they start to do their own life.  I just hope by that time, they are already mature to love me despite my imperfections because I believed we all make mistakes, no one was born perfect. That they are going to look at all the good things I and my husband have done for them instead of blaming us on how's life treat them. I know it takes a lot of time to become wiser but how come there are still a lot of people who doesn't mature as they grow old. I consider myself as one of them now that I am a mother of three, sometimes I feel guilty of all the immaturity.

The way I reacted sometimes makes me feel like a fool in front of my children but what is important is that as a parent I know when and how to say sorry when I did something wrong. And as a daughter I know how to show love to my parents especially when they needed it most of the times, now that they are old and all their children have a family of their own to take care of, a phone call will do, a simple letter with picture of their grandchildren makes them so happy. I know I argue with them most of the times but it's a fact that as we grow old we became the same wavelength as individual so there are many unavoidable differences and arguments, but that doesn't mean I don't love them and I forgot all the good things they've done to me. This is my opinion, it is better to argue and show that you care than to say nothing and as if you don't care. I just hope I can instill the value of forgiving, faith, the attitude of looking at the brighter side instead of blaming others because of what happened to our life to my children. For I believed in the saying that "LIFE is a CHOICE" it's all up to you how you handle it, live with it or else leave everything behind.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Judgement Day

Euripides: I understand too well the dreadful act I'm going to commit, but my judgement can't check my anger, and that incites the greatest evils human beings do. anger, judgement, human. Meetville Quotes

These time and age of modern technology, with the internet, cell phones, Ipad, laptop, wireless communication, everything was so fast. We can learn, communicate and acquire things in just a few click within seconds without going anywhere and just by sitting in front of our PC's or laptop. Upon delivery of ideas and news, war, diseases, and natural disaster were also happening everywhere like a speed of lightning. Flu virus around the world, war in the Middle East, Libya,Bahrain, and Afghanistan, earthquake in Haiti, New Zealand and a few minutes ago while I am about to write this, some of my facebook  friends posted that the border of Myanmar, Thailand also hits by 6.8 earthquake that kills 75 people and damage thousand of property.

Earthquake shakes our world around which killed thousands of people while a war was man made, but it also kills lots of civilian and diseases it is unavoidable because bacteria and virus are invisible to the human eye and we can acquire it everywhere without even knowing that we had it already. Some few weeks ago a shocking event happened which a lot of people cannot believe that it happened, even just by watching it or living in the same place like Japan. Japan was hit by earthquake and mother nature not yet satisfied, after a minute tsunami followed so fast, according to survey it will take 25 years to put Japan in order again, imagine 25 years to build again. But it took only a minute of the tsunami that causes Japan to separate into pieces.

Sometimes I cannot help but to wonder why all of this things are happening so quickly in just a snap, thousand of people disappear, other said it is some kind of KARMA. This is according to other people's way of thinking, it is a karma to those who are afflicted with a disease, those who experience a natural disaster and what about war. I don't want to think that way, I don't want to be like them who are not passionate enough, inconsiderate, narrow-minded who has nothing to share but bad feelings to those who are being affected. Talking about bad feelings just last week I had a very bad fever, so bad that I cannot even stand to cook for my own food, good thing I had my husband on my side, living in a place far from all the relatives and friend was sometimes quite frustrating and I cannot stop thinking that it was part of my KARMA, but laying on my bed I got a chance to think and internalize everything that is happening around me. It was not a KARMA after all, I have realized that it was part of God's message to me, honestly this past few years, looking back I had so much anger in my heart to the point that I even want to curse the people who cause me pain.

But during those sick days that I felt so powerless I ask God for forgiveness because I assume that being sick is one way to awaken me, to analyze and evaluate my life all over again. I know a lot of people who walk into my life who cause me a lot of pain that I don't want to let go. I believe those anger was one reason why I got sick, it kills my mind thinking every night to the point that I cannot sleep properly so my immune system affected by my sleepless night. And it kills my heart because I always feel heavy every time I think of them. So after that bad fever I told myself to let go of everything. Life is too short within a minute I can be struck by a tsunami, or thunder or lightning or even disease that is incurable.  I don't want to die with a hurtful heart and I believe same goes with everybody else. Everything that is happening around was not a karma, it was just a God's message to us all. Nothing is permanent and secure except God. I don't believe in the end of the world, but I rather want to believe that each and every one of us has its own end and judgement day.

1 Corinthian 4:5  Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quote # 5

It takes two people to make a lie work: the person who tells it, and the one who believes it. ---Author Unknown

Do It Anyway

I already moved on, but suddenly memory lingered back into my mind, of them doing bad mouth about me. During those days, I never tried to make any move to defend myself because I believed that everything happened for a reason and besides it was nonsense to tell someone that they've hurt your feelings especially if anger and jealousy were all they have, they will not understand matters, believe me. I know it was part of human nature sometimes that,  what we hear is all that we believe regardless if the person was telling the truth  or lie. It's okay to tell stories but make sure that it's all truth and nothing but the truth and not only in favor of you. Or better yet do not tell stories at all because sometimes it's the habit of some human to absorb everything they've heard even the story was not accurate.  Actually even with good intention stories sometimes becomes inaccurate after many times of passing from one person to another and people begun judging base on what they've heard without knowing the real story behind. After all I have nothing to explain and it was quite exhausting to tell each and every one of them that what they've heard was all a false judgement. I tried my best to move on and live well then. I had ups and downs in my life but with God's grace life's treat me well. While thinking and asking myself why some people are mean, hostile and unfriendly? what's the reason of avoiding me if they did not do something wrong in the past (but the past is passed and we cannot do anything about it) or maybe at present in the first place they did something wrong that is why they are avoiding me? What is their intention? Are they guilty of something or maybe they are just snobbish self-centered individuals who don't accept friends without gaining anything and maybe they're just used to discriminate people base on their status in life (hindi kasi ako bigtime hehe). The world was just a small place to all of us, one day whether we like it or not there is a tendency that we would bump into each others face. I don't want to feel guilty especially to them who made an impact to my life. Without them, I know I never had the chance to live a meaningful and better life (salamat sa basurang tinapon mo, may ginto pala sa loob). Without them, I was not able to dream high. I was not able to prove something for myself. After all in the end I believed it is between ME and GOD. It was never between ME and THEM anyway.

People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.

The biggest person with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest person with the smallest mind.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.

People who really want help may attack you if you help them.

Give the world the best you have and you may get hurt.
GIVE THE WORLD THE BEST YOU'VE ANYWAY. ---Excerpt from Mother Teresa's Final Analysis Prayer.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quote # 4

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.---Unknown

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quote # 3

Before you make any judgment on me and my life look back at your own life first and keep a closer eye on what's going on behind your own doors ---Unknown

Friday, February 18, 2011

Forgiveness equals Freedom

It is said that to "Err is human, to forgive is divine. When people do wrong things to us it was quite hard to understand them but believed me we should try hard to forgive them because all people make mistakes. Actually I don't understand this message before especially during the time when I was a bit immature. I thought then that this bible verses was made only for saints and not for a sinner like me. But watching the video's from Men of Light I've realized more  that forgiveness was really a gift you give to yourself instead of something you give to another person. It is the best gift you can give to yourself and you can benefit greatly from it too. If you don't forgive, then you let the past and another person control how you feel. By forgiving, you release yourself from those bonds. After 36 years of existence, I encounter countless people who hurt my feelings who are an inconsiderate, self-centered and immature creature (maybe I was like them before hehehe). But as time passes by and bad experiences became one of  my favorite company. I've learned that Forgiveness Provides Freedom - Freedom From Pain and Freedom of Action. To forgive easily, refuse to give the bad person or the bad situation control of your feelings. Tell yourself, "I'm not giving you the power to hurt me, trust me it was somehow effective it opens the door in your heart to love.

But I tell you, don't stand against an evil person. If someone hits you on the right cheek, then turn and let him hit the other cheek too. If a person wants to sue you in court and take your shirt, then let him have your coat too. If a soldier forces you to walk with him one mile, then go with him two miles. If a person asks you for something, then give it to him. Don't refuse to give to a person that wants to borrow from you. You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you, love your enemies. Pray for those people that do bad things to you. If you do this, then you will be true sons of your Father in heaven. Your Father lets the sun rise for the good people and the bad people. Your Father sends rain to people that do good and to people that do wrong. If you love only the people that love you, then you will get no reward. Even the tax collectors do that. And if you are nice only to your friends, then you are no better than other people. Even the people without God are nice to their friends. So you must be perfect, the same as your Father in heaven is perfect.So you must be perfect, the same as your Father in heaven is perfect. This was taken from Matthew  5: 39-48.

Friday, February 11, 2011

God's Blessing


Have you ever heard the phrase, "you always hurt the one you love?" It's so true isn't it? I cannot say that I have a wonderful marriage with my husband, but I enjoyed the long hours of talking without getting bored. For how many years of being together we have our own shares of disgusting attitude, hurtful words and unavoidable differences. But if I am going to ask myself if there was any regret in marrying my husband the honest answer was not a bit. I am not trying to pull my husband up just like what some immature people assume and I am not pretending that I have a very wonderful and perfect marriage, there's no such thing as perfect marriage I believed. And if  someone ask me  if I am going to marry my husband over again, without any hesitation my honest answer was YES without batting an eyelash. 

My husband was not perfect and neither do I, but we have countless memories that we can share and laugh with until we grow old maybe. I believed that If you are in a healthy relationship, the hurt was unintentional. It is important to realize that your loved one didn't plan on causing you pain. While thinking about my marriage in the middle of the night. I accidentally read an e-mail sent a while ago by someone special and close to my heart it was not intended for me, it was written for her, but it blessed my day because it's the most loving and sincerest letter I've ever read so far. 

And this e-mail makes me cry. I'd cry because it made me realize how  blessed I am to be associated with such wonderful people around who knows how to love truthfully. I know some people who cause me pain lately, but it's true for this saying and I quote "When in life you have to put up with mean & hateful people, think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you & Rub you the wrong way...But eventually - YOU end up smooth & polished. The sandpaper - Is just going to be worn out & ugly. I hope it makes sense for life was too short to put anger in it every day. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Did you Marry the right person?

Sometimes when our spouse does not meet our expectations, we keep on asking if  "DID" we marry the right person?. This will let you love more your spouses rather than complaining about his/her shortcomings.

How do you know if you married the right person? Here's the answer (based only from articles and seminar attended)...Every relationship has a cycle, in the beginning you fell in the love with your spouse. You anticipated their calls, wanted their touch, and like their idiosyncrasies. Falling in love with your spouse wasn't hard. In fact, it was a complete natural spontaneous experience. It was a natural spontaneous experience for both of you to play and flirt because it was part of love, courtship, and marriage. ( So pag di ka nag flirt sa buong buhay mo even with your spouse ibig sabihin tuod ka  meaning your numb kawawa naman spouse mo. I think I need to read more books about Love, Courtship and Marriage.)

People in love sometimes say "I was swept off my feet' Think about that as an imaginary expression. It implies that you were just standing there doing nothing and then something came and it happened to you. Falling in love is easy. It's a passive and spontaneous experience but after a few years of marriage...the euphoria of love fades...It's the natural cycle of every relationship.

Call becomes annoying, caring become irritating, touch is not always welcome when it happens. And your spouse idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute it drives you nuts. The symptoms of every relationship vary in every relationship, but if you think about your marriage you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love. At this stage you and, or your spouse start asking "Did I marry the right person?" and you and your spouse reflect on the euphoria of the love you once had, you may begin to desire that experience with someone else. This is when marriage breakdown. People blame their spouse for their unhappiness and look outside their marriage for fulfillment.

Extramarital fulfillment comes in all shapes and sizes and infidelity is the most obvious. But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your marriage. It lies within you. It doesn't mean that you couldn't fall in love with someone else and TEMPORARILY you'd feel better...but, trust me, you'd be in the same situation a few years later because (carefully take note of this) THE KEY TO SUCCEEDING IN MARRIAGE IS NOT FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON; ITS LEARNING TO LOVE THE PERSON YOU FOUND. and SUSTAINING love is not passive or spontaneous experience (so continuous flirting with your spouse) or love it will NEVER just happened to you.

You can't  find LASTING love. You have to "MAKE" it day in and day out. That's why we have the expression "the labor of love" because it takes TIME, EFFORT and ENERGY and most importantly it takes WISDOM (so read more my friend to have wisdom). You have to know what to do, to make your marriage work, make no mistake about it (kung ayaw mong matulad sa iba). Love is not a mystery there are certain laws you have to follow, with or without your spouse to succeed with your marriage. Just as there are physical laws of the universe such as gravity. There are also laws in a relationship, just as the right diet and exercise program that makes you physically stronger. Just as the right reading materials for the brain to gain knowledge (read more my friend to know between reality and senseless judgment) . Certain habits with your relationship will make your marriage stronger.

It's a direct cause and effect, if you know and apply the laws the results are predictable and you can make LOVE. So huwag maging tuod (numb) baka iwan ka ng spouse mo hehehe.

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