Friday, February 11, 2011

God's Blessing


Have you ever heard the phrase, "you always hurt the one you love?" It's so true isn't it? I cannot say that I have a wonderful marriage with my husband, but I enjoyed the long hours of talking without getting bored. For how many years of being together we have our own shares of disgusting attitude, hurtful words and unavoidable differences. But if I am going to ask myself if there was any regret in marrying my husband the honest answer was not a bit. I am not trying to pull my husband up just like what some immature people assume and I am not pretending that I have a very wonderful and perfect marriage, there's no such thing as perfect marriage I believed. And if  someone ask me  if I am going to marry my husband over again, without any hesitation my honest answer was YES without batting an eyelash. 

My husband was not perfect and neither do I, but we have countless memories that we can share and laugh with until we grow old maybe. I believed that If you are in a healthy relationship, the hurt was unintentional. It is important to realize that your loved one didn't plan on causing you pain. While thinking about my marriage in the middle of the night. I accidentally read an e-mail sent a while ago by someone special and close to my heart it was not intended for me, it was written for her, but it blessed my day because it's the most loving and sincerest letter I've ever read so far. 

And this e-mail makes me cry. I'd cry because it made me realize how  blessed I am to be associated with such wonderful people around who knows how to love truthfully. I know some people who cause me pain lately, but it's true for this saying and I quote "When in life you have to put up with mean & hateful people, think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you & Rub you the wrong way...But eventually - YOU end up smooth & polished. The sandpaper - Is just going to be worn out & ugly. I hope it makes sense for life was too short to put anger in it every day. 

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