Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anybody can be a Hero

It was nice watching I witness Mga lihim ng pamilya ni *Jose Rizal. When Howie ask Barbara Gonzales, Jose Rizal's *Apo sa tuhod if what is the truth behind that accomplished history. Kung ilalabas ang mga ikinahihiyang lihim (if they are going to tell their shameless secrets) of Rizal Family. Barbara said," What's wrong just tell the truth, the truth is the best thing, It will show every Filipinos that anybody can be a hero it doesn't have to be with a beautiful family. So if you are someone who only knows how to judge other people's bad side. Watch this. my friend you might learned something and think that we don't need to be perfect to have a life of a hero.  

*Philippine National Hero
*Great grand daughter

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