Friday, March 4, 2016


Lately, I started to appreciate the things that I am doing. I started to realize what is my true and real purpose in this world. Sometimes by just trying to fit into this world we try hard to be the best that we can be, even though sometimes that is not what God want us to be. Just to please so many people in our lives, thinking that if we can make others happy then we can be happier. We are so consumed with what others may say or think about us that we sometimes forget to ask God, what do you want from me Lord? But the truth is we cannot please everybody that is the reality of life. That sooner or later anybody can hurt us but the only question is whose worth it.

 The most noisiest but
most lovable
(Is it worth it?)

A year or two ago I tried to go back where I am before, a workaholic mother of three. I applied for many jobs but unluckily I didn't land any of them. I started to feel that I already loose the person that I used to be since I stop working ten years ago. Ten years ago I decided to homeschool my children and let them grow a little bit, in those years the first few years was the hardest one, still adjusting with my new environment, out of my own country, out of my comfort zone. I tried my luck to find a job. I got some few interviews and landed a job. But my last job just lasted for only a year then I resigned and never work again. Not because I don't like the job or the pay was not good but I felt uneasy that time, I felt it seems not worthy anymore, don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against those mothers who work outside of the house actually they should need more praise than anybody else. Imagine doing two roles in one body quite exhausting been there done that. I salute both whether a full-time mother or working mother there's no difference at all, a mother always wants what is best for their children right?

During our art project
(Basket making)

Lovi's basket

Ate and her work
of art

Doing some Arts
and crafts

Sometimes we need to do something today that our future self will be thankful to us. And I may say that is one of the best decisions I made in life to leave everything behind and be a full-time mom. No equivalent amount of money the moment you see your children growing so fast. Sometimes thinking where does all the time go passes by. Now here we are doing homeschooling, guiding them everyday, loving them to the most of my ability, enjoying every bit of the time I have with them. And some children also join us (I may say they are additional God's blessing to me).

Ate and Ethan
My two additional
blessing from God

I thank the parents for entrusting me with this two kids, though sometimes scary that I may not be able to fulfill God's given work, but at the end of the day, these children reminds me that life is wonderful and problem free just like them. Sometimes when people challenge us and telling us we cannot do it. The best revenge is do nothing, say nothing, just pray and let God do the works. After all, He will not give us what we cannot handle.

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