Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Car

We just had our first car, I am a bit hesitant because I am still considering a lot of things, but I know after how many years of being married and all the  hassle and inconvenience in life I know and I believe that we both deserve what we have now. I consider having a car to drive, was like a marriage need to be nurtured all the time. There will be a wrong turn, bumps, scratches but despite all of those it doesn't mean that we will stop driving. Our car still needs and  deserve to be clean and to be taken care in spite of those injuries because it gives us so many advantages in life, it was part of our necessities. 

"Many treat marriage like a teen shopping for a car. Emphasis on flash and looks, but no concern for long-term maintenance". (Jimmy Evans)

Shortly after we are done with our huge and unimaginable amount of debt, my husband began looking for a car because he believes that it was already the right time since our children are already growing. It's been 9 years since he had his first driving lesson but having a car was not came to reality then because trials after trials never stop. From then on since we cannot yet afford to have a car, he tried everything to ignore the fact that he's dreaming of having a car of his own.

Well we all does, no one doesn't dream of driving their first car ever, even the richest person on earth. Me too I cannot deny that I am mesmerizing every time I saw a lady driving her own car, but because of so many I call it humps in our togetherness having a car became the least maybe not last in our priorities. 

Until one day, it just happened that we are already talking of getting a car and the internet was always there  to look for, to view of what kind of car, what brand and what color. We are so happy just by talking and deciding what color to choose together with our children. 

My husband was very meticulous in everything, well that is one of the best qualities I liked about him he knows what he wants and he will not take rest until he gets what he wants. Me I am just the usual "whatever"  as long as I have something to use, but not him. Now I can relate that to our marriage and I consider myself lucky, it was like choosing what car to buy when he choose me and how he will going to take care of it. 

Most of us prepare for marriage like a teenager shopping for a car. We get sidetracked by      how it looks, we want speed, accessories, we focus on what we'll get out of it now but       forget to consider the future. We pay no mind to long-term maintenance and immediate    gratification. This results in plenty of people getting married without having prepared  themselves for the expense and maintenance aspects of the relationship. (That is why I am thankful for having a meticulous husband sabi na pin tsu king kaselan ku so I let him decide on his own).

So now that he already owned a car it was time to take responsibility for keeping it operable and in good shape. And I know he is mature enough because I already prove it in our relationship. He did not reject me when he found out that I need maintenance, he love me, he cared for me, he showered me love and appreciation, he sheltered me. 

But how many people are ready to reject a spouse and find a new one as soon as problems arise? Marriage is not a trade-in business like a car. If you want a marriage without maintenance or fun without faithful devotion, then your attitude is immature and unrealistic. In marriage, a husband and wife each acquires a precious gift from God. Each is given a lifelong friend, lover, and helpmate and I just did all I have to do now was to enjoy him, love him and make the best out of him.

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