Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Blissful day for me

What was supposed to be  boring and unexciting day for me became so blissful and meaningful. Life sometimes sucks but it's true that Life is how we know it and how we are going to perceived it. Today was just another ordinary day for a mother like me but it became meaningful when I received  this item >>>>>

Thanks to 

Irenelim Fashion

For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cool Free Dress @Irenelim Fashion

I was new to online shopping. Actually I've just got interested because one of my friend told me the perks and advantage of online shopping. And upon analyzing I have to accept that this is the trend now a days and I have to make use to it. So to start with I begun surfing the net and Google. So the first thing I search was of course the most basic for women, dresses, fashion and trend, until I came across with this website >>>>>>>
Irenelim Fashion  

I had a little smile in my face saying that, I think this is what my friend was saying hehehe. IRENELIM was so far for me one of the best Malaysia online fashion and online boutique that I ever encountered. Though I received e-mail saying that this promo did end already but they are willing to give me free shirt promotion specially for me. Just for me to test their product isn't it awesome.


Sounds so exciting and I can't wait to received the free shirt if it is good to be true and definitely I will blog it again if I receive the free shirt already hehehehe...Well just to give you a glimpse of what IRENELIM was offering that might give you some interest to visit the site and purchase as well (well it's highly recommended to all my friends hehehe). I simply admired some of their collection  they are dresses form various occasion. There is for casual, different blouse in different occasions, pants, skirts, T-shirt and they came from different suppliers all over asia. And the price is absolutely low and affordable. So here are some of their collection that I am planning to purchase if budgets permit hehehe...calling the attention of my better half hehehe...

Simple and Nice Cotton Long Dress
Price: RM38 (see the price it's totally cheap)
Color: Green, black, grey
- Soft cotton material
- Young and energetic
- Long dress
- You can match with inner or even mini jacket
- Suitable for casual wear

Shimmering Beads Flowers Round Neckline Dress with Belt
Price: RM68 (I definitely like the design)
Color: Cream (S,M,L,XL) Purple (S,M.L,XXL)
- Silky smooth and comfortable materials
- The few big flowers made by shimmering beads
- Simple round neck yet elegant feeling
-  2 belt loops at waist part
 Cotton Spaghetti Dress with Flowers Bottom
Price : RM52
Color Black , Pink
Greet the sun in this charming dress
Cotton-features flowers with small pearls sewed at the bottom
Belt loop at both sides of the waist part
Non adjustable but stretchable spaghetti straps
Light in weight

Spaghetti Straps Tiered Skirt Dress
Price: RM38
Color: Khaki, Orangy Red, Black 

All of the above item can be found on their old website and the below item are all located in their new website, to check details click here >>> MALAYSIA ONLINE BOUTIQUE IRENELIM FASHION, there is also kind of reward to their costumers. Every purchase would be given certain points, which when accumulated it can be use to redeem the items in their site amazing isn't. I think that is what my friend is saying when she told me that she already enjoy online shopping and I am enjoying it too now hehehe.

Smart Sleeveless Buttons Up Jumpsuits
CODE: ndg1687
Small, Medium, Large / O2
Price: RM62.00
Yes, available
4960 points
31 points

The Satin Round Collar Dress with Ribbon is essential for the party goer! From the slightly round neckline, a shirred waist wraps around and slims the mid-section and continues to an A line cut on the lower banded skirt. This cut creates a slight bubble appearance and a perfect silhouette. The slightly round front neckline and V-back of this dress can be accented with a variety of glamorous accessories! The included waist sash can be tied into a tasty ribbon. This one is nice.  Click HERE for more details of this product.


So there you go I really enjoyed exploring the site and hopefully you too as well. Lets wait and see the coming of my future free product :) with free delivery then I will tell you soon again how is it, but I believe I will definitely like the product for sure :) So IRENELIM of Malaysia kudos to your Online Boutique.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Trip to Melacca

The most treasured moment I had been was our Family Bonding. Not the material things. As we attended the mass yesterday about Forgiveness, the 70 times 7 times. Ya, Ya I know they didn't accept me as their friends (They still have grudges after so many years tsk!tsk!Wait what have I done!? I don't remember any, are they guilty or envious maybe, because they never thought, they never thought what he becomes) or maybe they just want to be friends only with big time people. But God knows even though I didn't yet forget their bitches name hahaha. I already forgave them. I don't have rights not to forgive them with so many blessings that keep on coming. And this trip was one of the so many blessings I received. I enjoy only by watching and I will remember this as long as I live. Thank you for my better half.

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