Friday, May 29, 2009

Life in the Information Age

One of my greatest frustration in our country was the political environment we have. Politics keep on corrupting our resources that means everything would follow. I don't want to comment about the present situations but what can I do, I cannot help it. Tell me to stop commenting on this non sense sex scandal issue being sensationalized by the media people and other sun of b*^%th politicians and I will not listen hehehe as long as there are senators just like them in the senate. There are lots of important issues they have to face (chacha after all of this circus around one day they walk up presidente pa rin si Gloria mga bu&* S*#t kase , another one is the Bobby Gazer double murder case, are these people who done this deserve peaceful environment compare to hayden, I don't think so) some of the long list , lots of problem they must solve (those pedophile hanging around, much worst than hayden, drug lords that makes our youth part of this sense less society, naninira ng buhay ng may buhay). Know what, I got pity with hayden, of course I don't agree with what he has done and he needs to pay the price and I am not against Katrina. It's jsut that this fu*k%ng Bull S*&t politicians should and must not use the person out of their own benefits. Are they aware that lots of their country men wants to leave this place because of them. Hope instead of papogi points teach us some formula that help us become equipt in this life so called information age.

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