Monday, July 19, 2010

Facing the Giants - More To This Life

I've never written on this blog for quite sometimes because I might hurt someone's feelings unintentionally, and who will read my blog accidentally misinterpret my writings.

We have to face it, blogging sometimes becomes an outlet or shock absorber especially by someone like me who was so emotional.

These past few months It didn't feel right because of some unavoidable circumstances brought about by the net. I lost interest in surfing the net (baka ano pang makita at mabasa ko) and into blogging also. 

But somehow I've realized that no one can dictate me on what to do especially if that person doesn't have any credibility at all (bato bato sa langit tamaan may bukol hehehe). 

While writing this, me and my husband just finished watching the movie entitled "FACING THE GIANT", well that was our favorite past time to watch a tear-jerking movie together (so lucky to have husband who was not ashamed to cry with me for a very wonderful movie just like this) because according to oldies look for a man who was not ashamed to cry in front of you, for surely it was not a sign of weakness but a proof that he will be a loving and caring man you've ever known. 

And proven old people never goes wrong because they've been there and experience it. Facing the Giant was a great film of FAITH, BELIEVE IN GOD and believe in yourself. 

It says when God is with you who is against you. While watching this movie, I've realized that what happened in our lives had something to do to make our life more meaningful to be more proactive. People who hate us, who will curse us without our knowledge, who will say something bad about us without even trying to know us before they judge us. 

They are all part of life, and I still thank God for them. For without them, my life would not be as meaningful and as colorful as it may seem. To God be the Glory.

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