Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Why can't we force ourselves to laugh, smile and enjoy like a child? The answer lies inside you.

1.Have you ever observed a child laughing, playing and giggling with      excitement?

2. Have you ever noticed that sparkle of enthusiasm that glistens within their eyes?

3. Do you remember a time back when you were innocent, happy and fulfilled?

4. Do you remember a state of unbridled childlike happiness?

After almost two years of staying at home and observing my children, I've realized that In this day and age true unbridled childlike happiness seems elusive and somewhat unexpected. Our responsibilities, deadlines, chores, tasks, goals and problems have created an “objective” oriented society that places a higher level of importance on achievement rather than on the experience of happiness (thank God my children made me realize). Each day we search for answers, for the answers that will help us find the true fulfilment we are seeking to bring into our lives. Yet because of our goal oriented habits, we simply fail to take the time to smell the roses, to enjoy life, and to revel in the finer pleasures that bring joy and happiness to a somewhat otherwise mundane existence. So how do we break out of this pattern? How do we overcome this robotic cycle that forces us to work and behave like Zombies all day long? Well, these answers are actually much more straightforward than one might ever imagine, and it all begins with our orientation. But we can break this cycle by just practising doing things below.

Try these:

1.Smile Often  (masasanay ka rin)

2. Eat Healthy  (singsarap pero di singmahal)
3. Sleep Restfully  (best gift you can give to yourself)
4. Experiment with Living  (don't be afraid to make mistakes major major lang yan they are just lesson to learn)
5. Set Goals  (It's not bad to want something worth living for)
6. Prioritize  (People & Time are something cannot be replaced)
7. Seek New Learning  (Nandyan ang internet)
8. Simplify Your Life  (live one day at the time)
9.Celebrate Your Achievements  (like birthday, waking up in the morning)
10. Act through Your Passions  (Facebook hehehe)
11. Pamper Yourself  (be happy huwag pahirapan sarili)
12. Find Humor and Laughter(sanayin ang sarili tumawang magisa haha joke lang)
13. Learn to Accept Your Circumstances (Mmmmmmm)
14. Choose to be Happy  (Now)
15. Forgive Others (Mahirap pero kailangan)

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Mom said...

Great post! One of friends and I used to talk about "when did we stop playing in line?" You know, like waiting in line at the groery store? Or waiting in line to renew your drivers license? Kids play and goof while waiting in line! How come we don't do that anymore?!

Thanks for stopping by!

You asked about making the link to your blog. Here's the code. Copy and paste it into a word document and change the four [ ] brackets to < > brackets instead.

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Hope that helps!

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