Friday, April 23, 2010

Farmville Villa

My 1st Villa Ever

Farmville was so popular nowadays to a lot of people, especially to the millions of Facebook user. I, for sure became hook after just trying it for myself. Farmville actually was just a simple cyber or online games of make believe. 

I can create my own imagination and my own dreams that I am someone whose rich as anybody else. That I own a huge and wonderful farm with different houses that I built which was hard to create on my real world of hardship, poverty, and chaos. Farmville was extremely simple. It allows you to grow crops, buy animals and decorate your farm as beautiful as it was and as how you like it as it seems. By farming you are given coins as part of your harvest, and cash plus experience if you level up (how I wish I can do this in the real world). 

Planting crops was the most important part of Farmville games, for you can make a huge amount of money in the shortest period of time. There are three stages in planting crops: plowing, planting, and harvesting (which the latter was the most fulfilling part). Doing this every day I've realized that Farmville and life has a lot of things in common. 

That we also need tactics in life to get what we wanted to be and how we can get there. Last week I was able to buy my 1st ever Villa, after six months of playing Farmville every day (how I wish this was possible in real life to have a big mansion in just short period of time hehehe). 

These are the things I've learned in playing this game.

1. The discipline not to buy anything so that in the long run you can buy more valuable than simple things being offered every day,

2. The patience of waiting at your plants and checking it every day if they are already in their harvest time,

3. The creativity to beautify your farm by arranging every detail and every part of it,

4. The diligence of feeding your animals because you do not want them to get hungry and

5. The happiness of receiving gifts and the friendship made by sending it back.

These are the few things that I've learned and like in everyday farming, not to mention those who appreciate my work and telling me that I have a very beautiful Farm. It makes my heart happier and became more addictive to Farmville. Have you tried playing the games? If not, try it for sure it was a truly stress relieving games.

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Max said...

The Villa is great!

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