Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Proud Mom #1 White Wednesday

With technology nowadays we believe that children can learn on their own faster than we can ever imagine. That is why my husband and I decided to homeschool our children a year ago to give them some head starts on their own. With this, we also decided to enroll them in Kumon, a center which started and developed by Toru Kumon so that they can focus on two important subject Math and English without so much pressure.  

Just a  Glimpse What is Kumon? and why we believe so much in this

In 1954, a Japanese high school mathematics teacher named Toru Kumon, began to teach his eldest son due to his problem in math subject at school. Toru Kumon developed the Kumon Method, it is a math and reading educational method that is now practiced in Kumon's own learning centers. The Kumon Method advocates several values of learning that include speed, accuracy and mastery of material before a student is able to move on to the next lesson which is my children are currently practicing now. 

The below photos are my son's Kumon worksheet that are being hung around at the Kumon center they are presently attending. They are being hung on their wall as a motivation to the student to continuously get perfect and a high score on their own. I am very proud to picture them because since we started attending the Kumon center a lot of development was made to my son and he improves every day together with his bro and younger sister. 


Just Trivia

Did you know

In 1956, Kumon opened the first Kumon Center in OsakaJapan with the help of parents that were very interested in the Method. In 1958, he founded the Kumon Institute of Education, after which Kumon Centers began to open around the world. Since 1956, some 20 million students have been enrolled in Kumon. Today, there are around 4 million Kumon students worldwide. 


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I used Kumon workbooks for my twins and loved them too. I've homeschooled for 15 years now, but didn't know about them with my older kids. My oldest two sons just graduated from college in May, so be encouraged, it can be done for the long haul :-) They were homeschooled through high school.

Rebecca said...

Just looking at those makes me think back-I tried to help my sister's boy on some homework the other day-boy have I lost it!

Virginia said...

I’m happy homework time is over for me.I always admired people that home school their children.
It takes dedication and discipline.
Joy & Blessings,

Loveleng said...

Thanks guys for visiting and for all the wonderful comments...hope to see you here again...God Bless.

Tete said...

Hi- you left a comment on my blog and I am sure you meant to visit my best friend instead- she left a comment above here. Her name is Rebecca and she has 2 blogs- Ella Mae's Barn Gathering and It's A Shabby Pink World.
Thanks for the comment anyway.
Hugs- Tete

nuts said...

we need kumon math for secondary. my eldest is having a hard time dealing with Math.

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