Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy being Appreciated

Recently I've started to gain friends on the net and one of my earlier friend and also inspired me to stay blogging was verns (inthissideoftown). Because I find her post kinda interesting that's why I keep on coming back to her blog. And receiving something from her means a lot to me. If you were trying to figure it out what I am talking about. Just this morning as I open my blog I received comment from her telling me or rather redirecting me to open her blog because she's got something for me. And guess what I've got it's a HAPPY 101 badge. How so sweet dear.

I am not use in receiving something like this and it's my first time actually (but after this I got another award (Beautiful Blog Award) from heather that I also pass it to my fellow blogger that I find their blog beautiful). Life can change in an instant. Sometimes it's the result of a chance encounter, or the reading of a letter discovered at the bottom of a jewelry box...and sometimes it happens
over office supplies.”. Life changes can happens anywhere and everywhere now I believed. I've got lots of friends actually that I leave behind when I've change my country of residence. I became sad because I miss them all. Until I've renewed my blogging activities and look what I've found lots of friends that brightens my day. God was so good really when he closed a window he definitely open the doors. So now it's my turn to pass this badge of Happines to some of my friends and here they are check their blog if you have time they are highly recommended by me:
* Tami (Misc.Ramblings)
but before ending this post let me enumerate 10 things that makes me happy:
1. Definitely my children. I believed they are the reason of my existence.
2. My Husband for he is the reason of my happiness always.
3. Facebook for keeping me connected to my love ones and friends.
4. TV for it keeps me relaxing. Specially for the whole day of being a referee.
5. Weekends Malling with my family.
6. Watching movie I download on the net before bed time with the kids.
7. A kiss from my Lovi. It makes my day.
8. A relaxing nap with my husband during his breaks.
9. Blog walking definitely because I've learned a lot of things and sometimes accidentally I've read post that makes me happy.
10. Comments from a fellow bloggers and friends that makes my entire day fulfilling.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the badge!

happiness for all of us! :)

Cathy Laine said...

Thank you so much Loveleng for recommending my blog, it's such a blessed way to start the morning...

Do continue blogging about your and your family's milestones and everyday moments, it always brings a smile knowing that there are people who value even the smallest things.


God bless you and your whole family.

Tami said...

OMG - you are so very sweet. Though you gave this to me the other day, I just got around to it now, and gues what - I need it today more than I did that day! Mysterious the way how things work!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Loveleng said...

your welcome daddy kuri...How's red? yes happines for all of us...

Loveleng said...

Cathy Laine you're welcome dear. sometimes small things are the most valued moment in our life that mostly forgotten...

Loveleng said... deed a miracle just by meeting you on the net is already a big blessing to me.

welcome, welcome, welcome hehehe

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