Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentines day was so memorable to me. Not only because each valentines day my husband send me a wonderful bunch of flowers, but also its my eldest son another life anniversary. Today was the 2nd year of another life anniversary of my eldest child Dale.

Dale present day

Another life because last 2 years ago something happened to him that if not for God providence I believed, he will never be with us anymore. He was only 5 1/2 years old then. He was in Pre School Kinder. His teacher didn't informed us that there was a valentine celebration and there will be no classes. At his age I never thought that he remember every single portion of his way back home. I am working at that time and my husband was already working overseas so my mother was the soul caregiver of my children when I am not around. Since no one informed my mom that there will be no classes, she ask favor to one of our neighbor to send her grandchild (my son) to school since the private service was not yet arriving and she thought it was already late. Our neighbor who has valentine date at that time but shy not to attend my moms favor just drop and leave my son at the front door of their school, not knowing that there's nobody around because the celebration was already done. You know what my son did? He went back home alone walking 3-4 kilometers with heavy bag on his back. Try to imagine a 5 years old boy walking alone in the road with lots of jeepney, trucks and different vehicle along the way. My mother was crying when I arrived home that night. She told me to thank God for guiding my son along the way, and the minute I've heard what happened I hug my son as if I don't want him to let go. Sometimes there were incident in our life that can change us forever. And I believed that God was really there always watching us from above. One month before that incident happened, my mother-in-law which influence so many things in my life died of stroke. It was a sudden death and it was the saddest moment in our family specially to my husband but after that incident I've realized that she was still around and no reason to be sad because from then on I believed that we already have one angel in our family up there watching us and guiding us with the lord. And from that incident I believed that my son can handle wisely with what ever situation he may be in. I am now more confident to my son.

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