Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not Also a Coincidence

I know sometimes we are asking so many questions. Trying to find solution to many problems but God really move in mysterious ways. While I was thinking about my life which there are still some things that I do not understand. Things that I wanted to regret, things that I hope it would not happen but it does happened. Looking at my two boys while they are doing their origami stuff thinking what they will become in the future, fears that I may not give them the proper nurturing. I was afraid that, what if they grew up not the way I wanted to be. In Jeremiah 1:5 wrote "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you". Quoted from this blog Headwind Canoe reading his blog was not a coincidence I know and reading this post by you was not also a coincidence maybe. Yes everything was plan, before long time ago, to him it was all plan. It was not a coincidence why we are all here. There is a reason, a season for everything. Maybe it was not my season now, or maybe there is a reason why.

You know better than I

I thought I did what's right
I thought I had the answers
I thought I chose the surest road
But that road brought me here

So I put up a fight
And told you how to help me
Now just when I have given up
The truth is coming clear

If this has been a test
I cannot see the reason
But maybe knowing I don't know
Is part of getting through

I try to do what's best
And faith has made it easy
To see the best thing I can do
Is put my trust in you

I saw one cloud and thought it was a sky
I saw a
bird and thought that I could follow
But it was you who taught that
bird to fly
If I let you reach me will you
teach me

For You know better than I
You know the way
I've let go the need to know why
I'll take what answers you supply
You know better than I


TheCrunchyWife said...

Hi! I'm following from MBC :)

Swati said...

Hi - LOL - I like your note at the top about accidental visitors :-)! Following from MBC, please come on by when you can!

Anonymous said...

why not:)

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