Friday, January 22, 2010

My Extra Ordinary Day in an Ordinary World

This is my normal routine for the day:

8:00AM---Early wake up duty...Time to cook breakfast.
9:00AM---Start my household chore while my dwarfs are playing.
10:00AM---- Bath time and some interesting snacks for them.
10:30AM---Sitdown for a little homeschooling.
12:00Noon---Time for lunch and TV after.
2:00PM---Nap Time
3:00PM---Merienda time
4:00PM---Some serious Coloring and Writing plus ABC on the side
5:00P.M---Prepare something for dinner
7:00PM---Hubby is coming, dinner time and some chit chat for the kids.
9:00PM---Story Telling Time
10:00PM---yahoooooooooo time for blogging till the hour of dawn.

By the way some of the statements are are added for your own judgement hehehe. More Picture here. Got to go Lovi is finish with her early morning ritual. I'mmmm coming honey.
Make Sure dear that is a very yummy dinner.

Lovi with her cooking utensils

Goofing around

It's Bible reading time


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