Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st blog for 2010

Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to All. This is me…hehehe pag bored. I was quite busy this past few months(migrating, holidays, etc. etc.). And it cease into my mind that I was already 35 and just started my life all over again. Why I say so, because after 35 years of existence here I am starting my life all over again, no job, no careers with 3 kids to take care of para ngayon lang ako magiging nanay from the day I got married. Well actually we are currently staying right here in Malaysia and while we’re here I am going to write about my life, love, laugh together with my 3 wonderful kids.(Who cares anyway, sabi ko nga nobody cares if your life was miserable so you better be happy, so wala lang this serve as my chronicle page, bago pa ako masiraan ng ulo)

These are my 3 wonderful kids. Dale my oldest the one with a frown face. I don’t know why he always have this expression of displeasure lagi naman siyang ganyan. There are so many things that we are not complimenting to each other, specially when he’s not in the mood. He is more of a PAPA’s boy maybe. Sabi nya nga because only now that he is with his father. Matagal din kasi nilang di nakasama si ARNOLD (Arnold is my husband just in case you want to know). He work overseas for about 3 years at ngayon nga heto at kasama na nya kami.  The one who’s smiling was lovi my youngest, my apple of my eyes, my angel, my darling. The one who always makes me smile, who gave me hope when I am about to give up (parang familiar song yon a hehehe). The last one whose on the far right was PJ my middle child. The most sweetest and loving but with the most hardheaded of them all. Pag sinabing ayaw, ayaw di mo na pedeng pilitin or else magugulo ang mundo mo hehehe. So this is where it started it all. They are the reason why I am here, in the middle of my life spending nothing but fulfilling life.

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NYOG said...

wehehe.. happy new year! :D

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