Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Title but same old Character

Here I go again, my insomnia strikes back. It's almost 1:30 midnight and I'm still here blogging. Though I really want to sleep, honestly my eyes are already closing but my mind still active and thinking for so many things. Some fear, insecurities uncertainties of life. Mmmmmm anyways blogging was the best way to kill time and be on a relaxation mode.

By the way I am renovating my site. New template, new title, new description but with same old character and same old feelings. I am going to change my title (still searching for appropriate one) much better and much suitable for my blog. Actually the first one that i used (LOVELENG WORLD) was a suggestion from my hubby because of my pet name leng. Though I am still thinking now of something like Inconsistent on the title because I became more like that from the day I stayed home with my children (love them, love them not) hehehe find out why on my next succeeding post because i will blog every bit of it . So bare with me for a couple of days just in case it was not so nice to visit my site because of some reconstruction. Okey that's it for today I better put my self to bed before my hubby get wild and rape me hehehe...

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