Friday, January 22, 2010

What is good about blogging?

I am a late bloomer when it comes to blogging. I've just started days ago and becoming so serious about it. I'm beginning to like it and love it. Though I started this site years ago and already have some other site (pampalipas oras lang) but becoming serious about it was not on my nerve until suddenly became bored. And reading some blogs of professional bloggers inspired me. And I've discovered that there are something good about blogging.

1. First on the list was, you can gain lots of friends thru blogging. Blogging is good for our social life.(Please link me so i can follow you I am a friendly kind of person hehehe)

2. You can learned from experiences of other people with just a click of the mouse.

3. You can share and express feelings thru blogging without hurting anybody.

4. No one will criticize and crucify you for having a bad grammar. (sensya na matagal nabakante sa pagsusulat e)

5. You will become more creative by customizing your site. (HayopTalagaML na yan, napwersa tuloy akong pag aralan matuto nalang sana ako whehehe).

6. You can also earn by blogging and become so rich out of it. (ooops joke lang) but really you can earn extra cash without leaving the four corners of your room. (Though i don't have yet my first paycheck but theres a saying "patience is a virtue" nakakain ba yon?)

7. According to study of Scientific American June 2008 Issue. Blogging is good for our health because it serves as a stress releaser, it improves memory and sleep. (Totoo kaya ito sa sleep bakit parang nagka insomia ako nung magstart akong mag blog, anyway oks lang afterall it was really a stress free habit).

8. Blogging can kill your boredoms. (24/7 na nga naka hook e...ano yong amoy na yon?....ooooppps i forgot I'm cooking something for snacks got to go...

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