Friday, January 22, 2010

Online Tutorial

Before lying my back to bed and close my eyes totally into a world known as dreamland hehehe. Just want to leave a short review about the site that I've discovered (Actually I am very Happy and Amaze how the internet works, I just wanna share). It's a site about how to learned (HayopTalagaML) the HTML in a step by step tutorial, not as hard as I've expected. It tells on the site that with HTML I can create my own site (dreams really do come true... how I wish I can create my original template on my blog hehe).Because the tutorial teaches everything about HTML, and I found out that HTML is easy to learn I am starting to like it and hopefully create my own website in the future. And here are some of the topic to learn: Elements, Attribute,Formatting, Style, Link and more. I just gave you a little background about the site just in case you will be interested and just starting your life as a blogger. I think knowing and learning the HTML language is a one portion of blogging. Unless you don't want to have a colorful and creative blog.

This is a sample of a HTML script using WordPress, NotePad is also ok (Though still don't know how to convert to see the outcome hopefully in the future. Lets wait and see for the result. matuto sana ako hehe.)

And this is the website try to check it out if you want to learn basic and advance HTML.

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alleo said...

aha I remember something about xD my well Im just a first year college and my teacher is shock because I knew advance html,css,js,php also asp xD why I know? well thanks to w3schools :) its an advantage for me so when we have a project to create a website I also do some business xD "hey I'll make the project for you guys just pay me!!" aha nice huh?

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