Monday, January 25, 2010

Ouch! Muscle Cramps

This morning my son wake me up and telling me and his father that his legs was in pain. I remember that yesterday since it was weekend we had our swimming day. His father told me that it was just a muscle cramp. But since I am a worried mother and don't want to see my child in pain (all mother will agree on this, I felt his pain). I search what muscle cramp was and the effective treatment and this is what I've found:

Some of the effective solutions for muscle cramp

1. A Banana daily for the magnesium in it used to ward off the nighttime leg cramps

2. Sleeping with socks on to keep the feet warm.

3. Use Ice or heating Packs for immediate relief.

4. Stretch the muscles as much as possible.

Just to know the root of it all I've also search what is a muscle cramp? Is thus defined as an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax. This causes a visible or palpable hardening of the involved muscle. It is merely a blessing in disguise because I my self always had a leg muscle cramps. I am just ignoring it because of lots of activity on the side. But now i think its time for me to find a better solution not just for me but for my son own sake. By the way Is muscle cramp hereditary?


TMB said...

I knew the banana and the stretch and the ice/heating pack seems preety useful but i did not know that sleeping with socks would help!! man i wish i has known that when i was pregnant hehe

Loveleng said...

Ya same i wish i know that when i was having pregnancy with them. Because it was pretty damn painful having a muscle cramps specially at night. I had so many sleepless night due to muscle cramps on the leg. Hwy by the way thanks for the add my new found friend.

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